April 2016 Exhibition

The following oil paintings are all canvass on board and are unframed. This exhibition took place in April 2016 and most of these paintings are no longer available.

To see an enlargement of any painting just hover your mouse over the painting and click the magnifying glass. Alternatively, if you would like more information about a painting and its availability please click the square symbol with the arrow instead.



All of the oil paintings in this exhibition have been painted on canvass mounted on board.




Childhood memories were of the evening reflections on Lough Gill, Sligo as we sailed home from one of the islands, gliding over a mirror of quivering reeds, dark green islands and rippling silver and gold of the setting sun.

Reflections have always fascinated me with their vision of another world – a liquid undulating free world. You have to, in some way, express your wonder.

Two Sligo painters who influenced me, were Jim Houston and Michael Farrell. Michael won the Taylor art scholarship to Paris, and spent his painting life in Saint-Brieuc in Brittany. He was a gentle mystic and I remember him saying, “To me, to paint is to pray”.

Before he died he encouraged me to go to Paris to see the work of Corot, and the impressionists, the light, rhythm, and colour of Monet, Sisley, Pissaro, and the other masters. These paintings, together with all great art, possess the qualities of unity, vitality, infinity and repose. The painter is always pointing beyond, to a world of greater harmonies, beauty and peace.

Baudelaire expressed the meaning of the instinct for beauty: “It is that immortal instinct for the beautiful which makes us consider the world and its pageants as a glimpse of, a correspondence with heaven. The insatiable thirst for everything beyond, which life reveals, is the liveliest proof of our immortality”






Availability and Pricing:

For, information about a painting and its availability just hover your mouse over it and click the square symbol with the arrow. If a painting does not have the word SOLD beside it then it is still available.

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In order to keep shipping costs low for overseas customers, paintings are only available unframed. However, for customers located in Ireland a frame is included at no additional cost.




How to View:

To see an enlargement of any painting just hover your mouse over the painting and click the magnifying glass.


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